The Cultura Gardening Pack. Small Changes. Exceptional Results.

How is the Cultura Gardening tools different from others:

  • Healthier and better blooming
  • Supports soil quality
  • Growth enhancement at every stage
  • No power required
  • A first in the market
  • Sustainable, safe & earth friendly
  • A simple plug-and-play solution
  • Non-disruptive to your garden setup

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Cultura-Built to grow through every season.

The Cultura products are coated with our proprietary Ceramic-Alloy technology that was built from 24years of deep tech research & development.

The Cultura Gardening Pack helps with great plant health & yield in 3 simple steps:



Treatment of seeds to enhance growth potential.


Enhancement of water used for the growing of produce.

*Spray bottle excluded


Embed peg into the soil to provide Cultura’s field presence to crop’s growth.

Cultura Treatment Diagram

An illustrated view of Cultura’s treatment process to our products. 

The Ceramic-Alloy coating on the Cultura products is produced through our proprietary process built on 24 years of research & development.   A naturally occurring wave frequency in the spectrum of Far-Infrared and Terahertz is emitted through the layer of nanopores on the Ceramic-Alloy coating. This wave frequency has been shown to rearrange the molecular structure of water for easy absorption and affects seeds to improve plant growth.


Research and Discovery

In 2021, JAH Cultura engaged Republic Polytechnic's Agriculture Technology laboratory in Singapore to test and verify previously observed effects of Cultura’s products in agriculture. ​ 

Feasibility study of the effects of Cultura's treatment of Bok Choy seeds showed an increase of 21.42% in yield, and Bok Choy plants growing with treated water showed an increased yield of 18.5% under laboratory conditions.

*Treated Germination-Normal Growth **Normal Germination-Treated Growth 

The Cultura Gardening Pack is not a prototype. 

It is already available in the market. Your support will help us to ramp up mass production of this innovative product so every corner of the globe can benefit.

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We're Launching Soon. Get an exclusive discount by signing up now!

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